** Current Turn Time approx. 1-2 weeks **Custom bags approx 2-4 weeks
** Current Turn Time approx. 1-2 weeks **Custom bags approx 2-4 weeks
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About Me

Hi! I'm Samantha, the geek behind Geekily Ever After! I'm a 30-something Australian living in Michigan, USA with my husband Zack and 3 cats Oswin, Helo & Garrus (yes, 3 cats is too many!).

I love books, television, crafting (currently obsessed with diamond painting!), travel and photography.

Geekily Ever After started with Instragram and a need to share my love of Disney. A few months in, I was noticing these cute bow headbands, but wasn't finding a wide variety to purchase from, so I decided to make some myself! And my shop was born!

I never imagined it would be this successful. After only 6 months of being open, I took the leap and quit my day job, pursuing GEA full time, and it's been such a whirlwind. I'm so thankful to each and everyone of my shoppers for all of your love and support. Thanks for making my dream come true!

I hope you enjoy perusing my shop, and feel free to reach out to me at anytime! Here are all the social places you can find me/my shop:

Geekily Ever After on Instagram
Samantha on Instagram
Geekily Ever After Facebook Page